Charlies-Angel Bereavement Centre

The time has come for us as a charity to take the next step and open the first 24 hour/7 days a week bereavement centre in Leeds.

Our first centre consists of four counselling rooms, communal area, kitchen,office and children's area.

At Charlies-Angel-Centre Foundation all our services are free to bereaved parents and families.

We provide​

Bereavement Counselling {face-face}

Telephone Counselling

Home Visits

Email & Telephone Support

Information and Support via our website

Bereavement Packs

Community Support Groups

Grandparents Social Circle

Male Only Social Group

Drop in sessions.

We will be bringing in some new services plus peer support training sessions, we have 15 new volunteers.

24 hour/7 days a week telephone helpline, which will be manned by peer support volunteers and a trained bereavement counsellor.

Support group for parents who have or are having rainbow babies.Bereavement counselling for children and support groups.



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